September 28, 2023

Do you need pet insurance?

The article discusses the importance of pet health insurance in light of the increasing costs associated with advanced veterinary care. It highlights that there is no definitive answer regarding whether pet insurance is suitable for a particular pet owner and their pet, suggesting that individuals should consult with their veterinarian and conduct research to make an informed decision. The article provides several key considerations when evaluating pet insurance options:

  1. Emphasizes the need for a veterinarian to be involved in the pet's care.
  2. Encourages understanding the details, limitations, and exclusions of coverage, including routine care and emergencies.
  3. Advises exploring add-on options, such as dental care or travel insurance.
  4. Discusses how pre-existing conditions are defined and handled.
  5. Notes that some pets or breeds may be considered "high risk" by insurance providers.
  6. Mentions potential pricing discounts for insuring multiple pets.
  7. Emphasizes the importance of understanding all charges and fees.
  8. Recommends ensuring the freedom to choose your pet's veterinarian.
  9. Explains that pet insurance plans typically involve reimbursement, with the pet owner paying upfront and then seeking reimbursement.

The article also mentions that pet owners have the autonomy to decide whether to purchase insurance, select coverage options, and choose a provider. For the full list of pet insurance companies, you can go to which suggests to use consumer websites for comparisons and reviews. AVMA does not endorse any specific provider.