July 9, 2024

Global Top 10 Best-Selling Smartphones

The latest report from Counterpoint Research shows that Apple and Samsung dominate the global smartphone market, capturing all spots in the top ten best-selling models. The trend mirrors last year's performance, but with a notable shift: consumers are now spending more on iPhones. Apple's high-end Pro models account for half of all iPhone sales this year, up from 24% in 2023. Additionally, the larger Max models are becoming increasingly popular, indicating a growing preference for bigger smartphones.

The top ten best-selling smartphones for Q1 2024 are as follows:

  1. iPhone 15 Pro Max: 4.4%
  2. iPhone 15: 4.3%
  3. iPhone 15 Pro: 3.7%
  4. iPhone 14: 1.9%
  5. Galaxy S24 Ultra: 1.9%
  6. Galaxy A15 5G: 1.5%
  7. Galaxy A54: 1.4%
  8. iPhone 15 Plus: 1.3%
  9. Galaxy S24: 1.0%
  10. Galaxy A34: 1.0%

While consumers are choosing more expensive models, they're also holding onto their phones longer, leading to fewer annual sales despite higher unit prices. Nonetheless, Q1 2024 saw the highest smartphone revenue for any first quarter in history, with a 6% increase in the global smartphone market, reaching nearly 300 million units shipped.

Lower-end models like the iPhone 14 and Samsung's Galaxy A series remain popular, showing there is still demand for more affordable phones. As selling new units becomes more challenging, Apple is shifting focus to its services, which saw a significant revenue increase in its latest quarterly earnings report, hitting $23.9 billion.

However, Apple's U.S. sales hit their lowest point in six years last quarter, raising some concerns despite the overall growth in revenue from services.

To learn more about the latest trends in the global smartphone market, including the top-selling models and the impact of consumer preferences on sales, check out the full report here.