December 15, 2023

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journeys: Transforming Passions into Profits

Meet a diverse group of entrepreneurs who turned their hobbies and passions into thriving businesses, each with a unique story of transformation.

Alexandra Stapleton-Smith, Creator of The Hedgehog Hollow Crafting Blog: Dive into Alexandra Stapleton-Smith's inspiring journey from a Globalization Business Development Manager at Jaguar to the creator of The Hedgehog Hollow crafting blog, now an award-winning company with 43,000 YouTube subscribers.

Mike Smith, Founder of The BAY and Skate for Change: Discover how Mike Smith turned his passion for skateboarding, music, and art into a platform for positive youth development with The BAY and Skate for Change.

Carla Lyles, Founder of Carla Sue Greeting Cards & Gifts: Join Carla Lyles on her journey from a middle-class life in Houston to overcoming depression and turning her therapeutic card-making hobby into a thriving business, Carla Sue Greeting Cards & Gifts.

Michael Davidson, Founder of Black Infusions Vodka: Explore how Michael Davidson transitioned from a family business in hi-end garment cleaning to founding Black Infusions, an artisanal spirits collection, aiming to change the way we experience cocktails.

Chris Englert, Head Motivator for Eat Walk Learn: Follow Chris Englert's journey from a successful corporate career to becoming the Head Motivator for Eat Walk Learn, a platform that explores Denver's trails and offers global walking tours.

Jake Kalick, Founder of Made In: Learn how Jake Kalick combined his family's background in the kitchen business with a passion for cooking, turning it into the successful venture, Made In, a cookware brand challenging traditional retail norms.

K.J. Kruk, Author and Illustrator: Join K.J. Kruk's journey from being known as a child prodigy to becoming the author and illustrator of the acclaimed middle-grade novel "Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse," emphasizing recognizing your talent and owning your time.

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